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Super: Acelet-Scheduler and Acelet-Log

Super Super is a suite of Java development tools and management tools with component based architecture. Each module of Super is a tool, built on the framework SuperArch. SuperArch is the framework for Super. All above components are hosted on SuperArch. Super is written entirely in Java. It is platform neutral.

Super, as a suite of tools, is greater than the sum of its parts. Many of its components work together providing more dimensions.

There are two software packages out of Super: Acelet-Scheduler for job scheduling as Acelet-Log for logging and debugging.


Acelet-Scheduler is a task scheduler, for general purpose job scheduling and event monitoring. It consists of:

Acelet-Scheduler comes with both Open-source Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Acelet-Scheduler can be installed for specific J2EE server (Weblogic, Websphere or others) or no server (Universal) at all. Both Universal installation and J2EE installation work for Web Service, any Web Service server, including both stateless Web Service (for standard Web Service), and stateful Web Service ( for Grid computing). By supporting Webservice, Acelet-Scheduler is also a toolkit for SOA (Service-oriented-architecture). Installation for specified application server allows you to use server specific modules, such as Easy EJB, Easy JMX.

Download Acelet-Scheduler from here.


Acelet-Log is a logging and debugging toolkit. It consists of:

Download Acelet-Log from here.

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