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Acelet Corporation is the leading provider of Java EE and J2EE tools. We develop innovative, integrated, cross-platform Java EE and J2EE tools for the enterprise environment. As a Java EE and J2EE tools provider, Acelet is able to achieve a high degree of scalability, reliability, and portability features for an enterprise system . We are focusing more on delivering high performance, user-friendly J2EE tools. Our slogan is Perfecting Java EE. We provide Super as a suite of Java EE and J2EE tools. We partner with other leading technology companies:

Acelet is a partner at Java.net.
Acelet is a SUN Partner as a Java EE and J2EE tools provider.
Our programs are Java Desktop System READY.
Acelet is an ISV of IBM's PartnerWorld, supporting IBM WebSphere, IBM DB2 and others.
Super tested on IBM's hardware and Systems. Ready for Grid computing.
Super tested on IBM's hardware and Systems. Ready for IBM Systems with Linux.
Trash Specification Trash Specification is one of specifications of http://www.FreeDesktop.org. Acelet Filer implements this specification.
FreeDesktop.org FreeDesktop.org is open source / open discussion software projects working on interoperability and shared technology for X Window System desktops. Acelet Filer implements its specifications.
Canonical is the provider of Ubuntu which is a variation of Linux.

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