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Acelet-Scheduler binary license fee ($USD)

The Enterprise Edition License is a perpetual license with one year (365 days) subscription for maintenance and support.

The unit of Acelet-Scheduler-EE license is a Realm, which consists of:

License fee
License fee is based on number of tasks. License fee for tasks (for each Realm) is:
Tasks of Super Scheduler EE or Super Watchdog EE License fee for Database URL of numbered IP address. Example: License fee for Database URL of hostname
    1-100 $25 $50
101-200 $20 $40
201-300 $15 $30
301-400 $10 $20
401- $5 $10

* Example for Database URL of numbered IP address: jdbc:HypersonicSQL:hsql:@123.456.789:19061

* Example for Database URL of hostname address: jdbc:HypersonicSQL:hsql:@server1:19061

Minimum 10 tasks.

Volume discount is available.

You can delete and add new tasks any time, but the total number of tasks will be limited to the number you licensed.


The license can be upgraded any time during the subscription period. Each time it will be considered as a renewal license for one year.

The renewal license fee will be calculated as following:
1. The new license fee will be calculated based on the total number of tasks.
2. Any unused license fee (license fee for each day is the total license fee for one year divided by 365 days) will be credited forward to new license fee.
3. The renewal discount is calculated for the number of existing license for the renewal days.
4. You pay the difference and handling fee ($200).

The minimum license updating:  one machine or 10 tasks.

Subscription for Maintenance and technical support

Free for one year. 50% of license fee per year thereafter.

Free through email in the maintenance period. Call back if necessary.

Free upgrade in the maintenance period for all releases.

Digital Delivery:

Please download evaluation edition and evaluate it carefully. All sales are final. No refund.

Discount offers can not be combined.

Prices are subject to change without notice. This offer is good for two weeks.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a expiration date on Enterprise license?

No. The license is perpetual. But maintenance and support need subscription annually.

What is a task?

A task is a scheduled executable. It is a row in the task database table. It is an item on the Organizer Panel of Super Scheduler EE or Super Watchdog EE.

The task can be scheduled once per minute or once per month. If the underlying executable of a task is a script, the script can contains any number of commands.

Can you give example scenarios?

The following examples are based on database URL of numbered IP address.

Example 1:
A single Acelet-Scheduler EE run on one machine with minimum capacity:
A Realm with minimum licensed capacity is 10 tasks. Although you intend to run on one machine, actually you can run on any machine, one or more instances.

10 tasks: 10 * 25 = $250
Total cost: $250.

Example 2:
Acelet-Scheduler EE runs on two machines with total 150 tasks:
Any number of instances can run on any number of machines.

1-100 tasks: 100 * $25 = $2,500

101-150 tasks: 50 * $20 = $1,000

Total cost: $3,500.

Example 3:
One production system and one test system with the same setting as example 2. Two system use different task database URLs.
This is two Realm. Require two licenses. Each one is $3,500.
Total cost $7,000.

What will happen if I try to add more task when I have reached licensed number of tasks?

When the maximum number of task is reached, you can not use Acelet-Scheduler GUI tool to add new tasks without deleting existing tasks. Super Scheduler EE and Super Watchdog EE will continue to run. If you insert new task into task database directly, you will get an error.


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